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Obtaining, catloging and QA of controls for IHC is not covered very well in
any book I have seen. It is an ad hoc proposition done differently in every
lab. The CAP guidelines are a good starting point ((, but you
may get a better handle on the process by reading the following references:

"The Total Test Approach to Standardization of Immunohistochemistry", an
editorial by C.R. Taylor in Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine,
vol 124, p945-951, 2000.

This is expanded upon in chapter 16 "Standardization of Routine
Immunohistochemistry: Where to Begin?" p255-272, from the book: Antigen
Retrieval Techniques, Ed. Shan-Rong Shi, Jiang Gu and Clive R. Taylor, 2000,
Eaton Publishing, Natick, MA. 

Tim Morken
CDC, Atlanta

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 I was just wondering.  I know that this has been addressed before, but I
would appreciate information on books for immuno.  I have dabbs diagnostic
immunohistochemistry and Atlas of Diagnostic Immunohistopathology.  I would
like a book, if possible covering how controls are obtained, cataloged and

I thank you for your help in advance!  
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