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From:"Monson, Frederick C."

Morning Louise,
	Lillie (1965), p. 389, recommends a "Dunn-Thompson Hemoglobin Stain"
(Arch Path, 39:49, 1945) that goes as follows:

	1.  Stain 15 min in Mallory's alum hematoxylin (or likely any
non-acid hematoxylin prep)
	2.  Wash tap HOH
	3.  Mordant 1 min in 4% iron alum [lavender crystals only, please!]
	4.  Rinse in tap water [to remove excess]
	5.  Stain 15 min in picro-fuchsin solution;
		a.  13 ml 1% acid fuchsin
		b.  87 ml sat'd aqueous picric acid [bummer!]
	6.  dehydrate and differentiate 3 min in 1 change or more of 95%
EtOH.  dehydrate with 100 EtOH (2 changes) 
	7.  clear in xylene
	8.  mount in synthetic resin
hemoglobin everywhere-emerald green [perfect color for the moment]

I used this years ago, I believe with Delafield's, and it worked nicely.


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Hello histofolks,

I am looking for a protocol for staining haemoglobin in FFPE* tissue. I 
recall that there is a technique that uses benzidine, but given the toxicity

of this substance, i would prefer an alternative. Thank you in advance.

bets regards
* formalin fixed paraffin embedded

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