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From:Fred Underwood

That explains why that dude in the commercials with the crazy hair is so wacked out!

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	Try cutting up a Slim Jim meat snack and processing it.  That is what we use.  1 Slim Jim can give you a lifetime of controls.  We got this from some folks who moonlight at the AFIP.

	Ross Stapf 
Histology Supervisor 
Washington Adventist Hospital 
Takoma Park MD 

	>>> "Scholz, Stephen J."  03/13/03 12:15PM >>> 
Hello Histonetters: 

	Does anybody have a good source for purchasing gram +/  controls. 

	Our last real good gram control was from some road kill that we worked up.  Obviously that method is very hit and miss. (pun)

	Thank you in advance. 

	Stephen J. Scholz HT(ASCP) 
OSF St. Anthony Medical Center 

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