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From:"Monson, Frederick C."

There is an old method by Chifelle and Putt (1951) used long ago that goes
as follows on paraffin sections.
	1.  Sudan black B (SBB) (CI 26150).  0.7g in 100 ml ethylene glycol
at 100-109oC; filter hot through whatman #2 filter paper; bring t5o room
temp and filter with suction through a medium porosity fritted glass filter
	2.  85% aqueous ethylene glycol


	1.  bring paraffin sections to water
	2.  dehydrate in 100% ethylene glycol for at least 5 min agitating
slides regularly - I used two baths
	3.  Immerse in SBB solution for 5-7 min agitating regularly
	4.  differentiate in 85% aqueous ethylene glycol for 2-3 min
agitating regularly
	5.  wash in running tap water for 5 min
	7.  mount in Kaiser's glycerin jelly (Pearse, 1968)

I also used a Nile Blue A (CI 51180) for lipids in sections but it was much
more discriminating than SBB.  If you want that method you'll have to send
another request.  I hear my tendons clicking in my wrists.


Fred Monson

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Has anyone ever performed a Sudan black stain and/or a Nile red stain on old
formalin fixed tissues?  If so would you please send me the protocol.  My
pathologist wants me to do both these stains on  old formalin fixed tissues
that are paraffin embedded.  Thanks in advance.


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