RE: Gram Weigert for Fibrin

From:Rena Fail

I tried this stain years ago. It took quite a long time to differeniate
Several minutes in fact. We got the blue black color, but decided we did
not want to work with Aniline oil. It is highly toxic. Rapidly absorbed
through the skin. 
Rena FaiL

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I need an image or picture of the blue black stain of Weigert for
fibrin.  I
have tried several sites from the net to no avail.   I am trying to
fibrin by Weigert stain for fibrin.  The one book i found that have the
procedure states that for differentiation 1 part aniline oil with 1 part
xylene.  I have tried different timing of differentiation starting from
seconds up to 1 min, however the blue black stain was not shown.  The
section is a thrombus

Thank you
Sharon Cassar
Pathology Department
St. Luke's Hospital

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