RE: Cassette Printer Problem (by way of Histonet)

Hi Rob,

There is the Surgipath system, but that only allows one slide at a time to
be printed. Bayer have a system that will print cassettes and slides but
neds 2 printers. I think Leica may have one.

We have just bought a RAL carousel printer and are having some problems
with hopper selection. I am interested in the differences you find between
the RAL microwriter system and the Shandon Casmark. I thought they were
both the same systems.



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                      06/03/2003 11:46

Thank's for all the advice. We have been using Surgipath's ribbons and have
put a new one in now, which is working fine (at the moment).

I still have my doubts about this machine. The reply from Michael
Fredrickson I find very worrying. I don't like they way it is too easy to
smear the number on a freshly printed cassette. We will be looking to
replace our VCP as soon as we can, with more reliable machine. If anyone
recommend one I'd be interested to know.

I've tried the Raymond Lamb machine and didn't like it, and I have used the
Shandon Casmark which was excellent. Are there any others available in the

Till then we are going low tech and writing the number in pencil on the
side. However we are not allowed to order anymore stationary items till 1st
April so we will have to make them last!


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> Hi Robert,
> We have a Surgipath VCP cassette printer, one clue
> that I can offer is the ribbon may have to be changed.
>  Is it alot or just a few cases?  I know for the few
> cases  was due to a tech accidently smearing the
> accession number.    I always make sure the numbers do
> not look faded before grossing because during
> processing the alcohol (is your first alcohol solution
> grey) will decolorize the numbers a bit.  Good luck!
> Elmendorf Med Ctr, AK
> --- "LUCAS Robert (RF4) BHR Hospitals"
>  wrote:
> > I wondered if anyone else has encountered this
> > problem and has any ideas?
> >
> >  We have a Surgipath VCP cassette printer in our cut
> > up. This morning when
> > we took our cassettes out of the processor the
> > numbers had come off  two of
> > the cassettes that were next to each other (In fact
> > they were so feint as to
> > be completely illegible). The day before when the
> > cassettes were loaded they
> > were checked to insure the cassettes were labelled
> > and no problem was seen
> > ( I saw them myself). Fortunately we were able to
> > identify which cases the
> > casettes belonged to but we are worried that if this
> > happens again this may
> > not be possible. The cassettes were printed in
> > advance because with this
> > kind of printer the ink takes a little time to dry.
> > In fact some cassettes
> > were printed out during the cut up and the numbers
> > were clear the following
> > day. The printer is set to two passes. We routinely
> > process overnight
> > through formalin, 70% IMS, 90% IMS, IMS, xylene and
> > paraffin wax.
> >
> > So for the time being we have changed the tape and
> > are writing the number in
> > pencil on the side till we feel confident that the
> > printer is reliable. (I'm
> > going to take some convincing)
> >
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