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From:Barry R Rittman

There are a variety of morphometric methods for bone morphometry.
You need to be very specific about what you want to measure
Number of osteoclasts, osteoblasts, bone lining cells per linear length,
thickness of osteoid, bone markers  etc. Area of bone versus total area,
average thickness of trabeculae etc. etc.
Might I suggest that you look at "Principles of Bone Biology" edited by
John P. Bilezikian, Lawrence G. Raisz and Gideon A. Rodan. Academic
Press 1996. ISBN 0-12-098650-7?
This is one of the most complete texts on bone and a good reference
Depending on the parameters that you wish to measure, you will need to
select the most appropriate fixation and processing techniques.
Please contact me or other members of the hard tissue group if you would
like to discuss this.

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Does someone have a method for histomorphometry on bone histology?

Thanks for the help.

Ricki Simoskevitz
Osteotech Inc.

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