From:Jeffrey Silverman

You must be a teacher and support your people when they deserve it. Provide a comfortable, safe, annd well equipped workplace. It really helps if you can get in there when they are short, pitch in  and "show them how it is done".  I still enjoy sitting down with the days 30 or so most important blocks.  You and the pathologists need to set standards and  expectations. Your staff must be informed about those and they must acknowledge their intent to adhere to them. In individual instances of concern to you and the doctors, eg floaters, misnumbering, faulty embedding, etc. deviance from the expected standards ned to be collected, analyzed in the framework of Performance Improvment studies and shared with the personnel involved as the studies progress and  during individuals' annual evaluation where you can set goals for improvement of deficiencies.  If such behavior results in  repeated "near misses " for patient errors, progressive discipline  can be instituted to weed out bad actors, but good luck replacing them.   
Jeff Silverman
Southside Hospital
Bay Shore NY USA

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