Kmount/method thanks

From:louise renton

To all those who responded to my queries on haemoglobin staining methods and 
fast cure resins - my thanks.

To John, who supplied the Leucopatent blue method, I am grateful, as this is 
in Bancroft & Stephens, and all lab copies  (including my personal one)have 
been stolen.

As far as the K-mount story goes,perhaps I was not as clear as I could have 
been, as the purpose of this resin is to build up blocks so that they can be 
clamped more readily in the microtome. It is also used to mount support such 
as Technovit's Histoblock  supports to the block. I have fortunately found 1 
bottle of the component that I need, but will have to order the Technovit 
3040 as a replacement.

Best regards

Louise Renton
Bone Research Unit
South Africa
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