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Subject: storage frozen tissue -80C

> Hallo everybody
> I have a question about storage of frozen tissue.
> We have no experience with that and we are forced to it now because the
> which we use for our experiments are sick and it takes at least a year
> before we can get new ones. So we have to be very economical with the
> we have left. We have the fixed sections now in autoclaved PBS and
> at 4 C.
> People suggested we can store the left sections at - 80 C after mounting
> them on slides. I have read about it in the archives of the Histonet and
> most people advice to put silicagel in the slide boxes to prevent the
> sections become too humid. Is that for the ice crystals?
> But now my problem: other people of our University told me to put wet
> in the slideboxes, to prevent the sections are drying out? (Those white
> spots you see when you left your frozen meat too long in the fridge).
> So, I am in a dilemma now, I have two complete opposite advices, what
> I do??
> Frouwke Kuijpers
> F.J.Kuijpers-Kwant
> Dept. Cellular Animal Physiology
> University of Nijmegen
> Toernooiveld 1
> 6525 ED Nijmegen
> frouwke@sci.kun.nl

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