Cutting mouse teeth

From:Gayle Callis

Tungsten Carbide knife - embedded in PMMA for microtomed sections, but
teeth must be fixed, PMMA can be removed BEFORE staining - IHC would
require stringent antigen retrieval - Neil Hand has excellent retrieval
method published in J Histotechnology in 1999 or so. 

For frozen sections, more difficult to get a good section without
Instrumedics Cryojane tape transfer plus you need to use a tungsten carbide
blade, d profile

You may have results using EDTA decalcification and cut in cryostat.  This
can even be done on fresh unfixed or unfixed bone/teeth, fix frozen
sections before staining. 

Check out J of Histochemistry Cytochemistry, a recent publication did a
similar method using PLP fixation, etc. 

Also Mori S et al J Histochem Cytochem, 36:111-114, 1988 did EDTA on
unfixed fresh bone for cell surface markers. 

Not an easy project!

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