Basic Histo Course

From:Greg Dobbin

Hi Gang,
I have a new tech in my lab; she isn't working with me, per se, she 
works for 2 other pathologists who have access to my lab, and 
although she has her Bacheklor of Science degree, she has no 
formal lab or histology training. While I can show her techniques, I 
really do not have the time (or teaching skills) to help her out with 
the theory. She has asked me to inquire about schools or 
associations that might offer a correspondence course for 
Histotechnology, starting right at the basics. 

I am aware of several updating courses for for techs that haven't 
done Histo in some years, and one of these may have to do; but if 
any of you know of a basic histotechnology course available by 
distance education (in North America) please let me know.
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