Adhesion slides for attaching cells

From:Gayle Callis

I am familiar with the slides having used them in Amsterdam last year - a
suggestion, rather than have your purchasing department go through thoes of
paying with all the foreign exchange, etc -  why not try and order them
yourself on a credit card (if company will take it) and have purchasing
approve/reimburse you for everything.  That way the EURO conversion is done
at time of sale on the card.  I certainly had no problems using ATM or
Credit Cards in Europe. 

I know of no other slides with these special coatings in the USA, bummer! 

At 08:53 AM 3/6/03 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>I used some years ago with very nice results the adhesion slides then
>distributed by Biorad. Nowadays they are only sold by their real
>producers, Paul Marienfeld in Germany ( Trying to order
>the slides from the US had created havoc in the purchasing department as
>it seems the procedures of payment are incompatible between the two
>continents :-(
>Anybody knows of some product with similar characteristics and quality
>available in US?
>Thanks beforehand!
>Ana Maria Barral
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