Wanda do you have a private email address?  Please forward it if you do so I can add it to my list of names.  I love the coast, except I miss my job at Harris.  Pay down here in South Texas SUCKS.  I took a 7.50 pay cut.  They top out at 16.00.  Right now am working is a small lab that is about 20 years behind the times.  Everything is done by hand, rotary microtome, no immunos, not even a microwave for special stains.  Forget about automated Special Stains, Immunos or  H&Es.  They hope to have a microwave some day for their Special Stains.  Nobody goes to any state meetings, so they don't know how bad the pay is.  At this lab most Techs make between 11-13 an hour.  I had an interview at the largest hospital down here.  They are pretty up to date, but the salaries are still bad.  I figure as the new 2005 regulations take over, and when they can't find any Techs the salaries will go up.  And looking around at the age of most to the Techs down here.  They will probably be hurting in about 5 years.  Lori is in Kindergarten and doing great.  Kelly is a long story.  Kelly is hoping to get in to Histology next year when Fort Worth starts their NACAL approved school.  Glad to hear Evie is doing better, she has been on my mind lately.  I wish Buck could get a job on the east coast or back in Fort Worth.  Love the beach not a big fan of South Texas.  Talk to you later.  (when are we going to move again? Next time lets move where the pay is good, who cares if you can see the ocean?) Deb

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