tissues needed for QC and IHC banks


Dear Friends,

This is a request for tissues to restore the NSH QC and IHC control
banks.  We have gotten 50 requests for tissues since Jan. 2002 and our
supplies are dwindling.  I will list here tissues needed for the IHC
bank and for the QC bank.  You can send tissue blocks for both to:
Ethel Macrea  1910 Innovation Park Dr,
                                               Tucson,AZ 85737   USA

Tissues needed for the IHC bank...
Hodgkin, melanoma, CEA neg carcinoma, hpv+ cervix, skin, cervix, and we
are desparate for LYMPHOMAS

Ethel wrote for the QC bank...
We need to restore the banks more than ever.  If you know anyone who has
a cache of controls for either special stains or IHC, can they submit
them to me?  I can cut them down, re-embed them, etc, but finding them
is getting to be a huge job.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Right now I have folks begging for iron, fungus, gram, calcium and
cervix the most.  I cannot get my hands on any of these thus far.   I
have screened over 20 livers and found two small pieces that are
positive for iron which I am sending out this week.  Now, I have none
left.  Please pass  the word around, we are needing tissues.

Please help us keep these tissue banks going.  Take a few minutes out of
your busy days to gather some needed blocks and ship them off to Ethel
ASAP.  Be sure the blocks are labelled with the tissue and control
element type, not the patient name or number.  The entire histology
community will be grateful for your contributions.

Thank you for considering this request.

Patsy Ruegg, Chair IHCRG
Ethel Macrea, Chair of NSH QC and IHC Control Tissue Banks

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