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Steve, you didn't say what kind of tissue(bx) you are dealing with or if
they came from the hospital or a private practice....But it makes little
If all the "problem" bx's are coming from the same place, ie: GI bx's, you
may find this to be a DRYING problem. Where someone, nurse etc, lets the
bx's lay out while they take more samples and/or completes paper work, etc.
We have had such problems, off and on over the years, when NEW EMPLOYEES
forget the instructions on putting the bx's immediately into the
fixative...A "NEW EMPLOYEE" can usually explains why all the bx's are not
effected. The new employee didn't work on all cases. Some doctors use their
own personal nurse and others use the hospital staff....If you think this
may be a possibility to your problem, then I suggest you research back
several weeks or to the start of the problem and see if you can fine a
common denominator.

Clues to look for: 1. only certain types of bx's(GI,needle,small punch,etc)
2. all from the same doctor office 3. all from the same hospital but
different doctors   4. all from the same hospital and all the same doctor

Good Luck in your search and let us know how in turns out.

Susan Owens - HT

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Subject: Burned Tissue?

I've been having a real problem this last week or so with tissue coming off
my Shandon Pathcentre looking "burned," according to my pathologist. What
could cause such an artifact? I thought maybe it was a paraffin temp
problem, but there's been no record of the processor going outside temp
limits. Thought it may be insufficient de-paraffinization (still hoping it's
that). It doesn't happen to everything, and the weirdest part is that one
level from a biopsy showed the artifact while deeper levels did not.

Any help....please




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