bone slides


Hi Bone People,

I have some very unhappy tissues. I received the blocks.....I did not decal 
or process them. Most of them had been cut twice. I re-embedded them into 
my paraffin.
My sections were folding in the last xylene which was one for the original 
complaints. Then I read on the Histonet about using Propar with bone.  I 
redid some of the already stained sections and could fix the fold. 
Unfortunately that produces some waviness.
I was asked to try one more time and I had the brilliant idea to remove the 
wax and do a Propar soak.  I melted the wax and put the poor things through 
2 changes 1 hour  each of xylene and 1 Propar for 1 hour and then 3 
paraffins 1 hour each.
We've used glycerin, a little soaking, ice, and heavy duty blades.  They 
are worse.

Any suggestions will be most grateful. Or tell me the tissues are done.
Mary Lou

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