Re: need c-fos monoclonal antibody

From:Kathleen Spencer

Re: need c-fos monoclonal antibody I use two c-fos ab's that work quite well, but they are polyclonal.  Does it have to be monoclonal?

I would call the company you purchased them from for technical assistance. They supposedly have people testing these ab's.

Kathleen Spencer, H.T.
LCM Supervisor
University of Tennessee


From: Mary-Ann S Crissey <>
To: Histonet <>
Subject: need c-fos monoclonal antibody
Date: Tue, Mar 26, 2002, 10:02 AM

    I am looking for a monoclonal c-fos antibody that works for
immunohistochemistry staining.  We are working with perfusion
fixed free floating rat brain sections and want to do double
staining.  I've already tried 3 different monoclonals that failed
to give nuclear staining. Anybody have any experience with one
that works?

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