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From:"P. Emry"

Curses!  A histo lab?
Well, I think my Leica microtome is ok, but the service here is poopy.
The dunderhead who argues with me over what needs to be done is just wrong
and the company said they would fly someone out for hundreds of $ an hour.

I got my embedding thing from Fisher, used when we had less money.  Turned
out to have to have it fixed right after we got it.  They couldn't fix
part of it..a light..would have cost lots so have to remember when I turn
it on and to turn it off without the light prompting me.
Some of the repairs were made by Fisher for free since I bought it from

There is a used equipment guy on the net...I will forward his email
address to you.  Bought something...paraffin bath..was ok.

I would go on the histonet as is above and tell the "net" you need advice
and would welcome vendors to reply.  Tell them where you are so they can
give you the local reps or have their local reps contact you.

Some grants do not allow you to buy used equipment, but you might get a
good deal from a
private lab on the net.  I have seen them offer good stuff ..sometimes
just for shipping costs. Brands have changed since I bought, but if you
get on the internet and ask for Histology equipment you will be able to
compare brand name prices.  If your University has a surplus department, I
would get on a list there for histo equipment.  I got a good microtome for
$ is being used in the new lab.

Sorry these aren't immediate solutions, but it has been years since I
bought stuff and companies have changed.  Make sure you have local repair
service...that Leica stuff about many $ to fly someone elese in...crap.,
Don't know how to avoid having dunderheads in the system.

Good luck.

PS:  What happened on Good Friday?  We have 3 different versions going on
in the lab. I think they are all wrong.

 On Mon, 25 Mar
2002, Betty Sindelar wrote:

> Trisha,
> I'm applying for some internal funding to add a (oh I hate to say
> this!) histo station to my lab.  Assuming you were to put this
> together, what type of microtome would you get and what type of an
> imbedding system?
> Thanks for any help you can give me.
> Hope all is well in Seattle.  We just got back from spring break.  It
> is cold here but starting to warm up.
> Betty

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