Re: cutting on waterbath

From:Vicki Gauch

 We use curved forceps to pick our sections from the water bath making sure to clean the forceps in between blocks.  Others in our lab also use wooden applicator sticks that are sharpened to a point.  I used to use the slide method but got tired of the sections sticking to the ends of the slides just as you describe.  I personally use the forceps now and it works just have to make sure you clean them in between blocks so you don't get carry over.  Hope that helps...

Albany, NY

>>> "P. Emry"  03/22/02 05:59PM >>>
I have been taught to take the ribbon from the microtome, float it on the
water bath and cut out the sections I want with the edges of two slides.

The slides I have been getting seem to have edges that stick to the ribbon
rather than just cutting it and releasing the two sections to float on the

Since I only trained in one lab, I don't know if there are other ways of
doing this or other things to use so I don't have to pull the ribbon off
the edge of the slide(s). Is there a way of treating the edges of the
slides so they release the ribbon?

Thanks for your time.

U of Washington, Seattle

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