Re: cards for archiving slides

From:"Klinipath, R. Kusters"

Dear Andrea

You can contact Mercedes Medical in Sarasota, Florida
Mr. Dave Johnson  is well aware of our product
Mercedes Medical represents our products in US. We supply transparent PVC
slideholders for 4 slides and index cards that fits the slide holders.

Slideholders, packed per 100, catno. SLE-4
Indexcards, packed per 100, catno. IC-100
Storage box with 50x SLE-4 and 50x IC-100, catno SLE-4BX

With kind regards,
KLINIPATH b.v. The Netherlands
Ronald Kusters
sales executive

P.O. Box 195
6920 AD Duiven
't Holland 31
6921 GX Duiven
The Netherlands

Tel:   (+31)(0)316-266466
Fax:  (+31)(0)316-266777
visit us @

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Subject: cards for archiving slides

| Dear HistoNet,
| Does anyone know of the name (and number if possible) of the supplier who
| sells those little cards that one would use to archive slides in a drawer
| format?
| If someone knows what I am talking about could you email me directly?
| you in advance.
| Andrea

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