Re: What are vibratome sections used for?

From:Lorraine Gibbs


Around here we use them for thick sections of unfixed CNS. The brains or
spinal cords (usually rodent) are sectioned at 50-500um for
electrophysiology recording experiments. If histology is desired, brains are
post-fixed, sucrose-protected, and sectioned frozen on a sledge microtome.

I suppose a vibratome could be used to thick section fixed material, but we
use a sledge microtome for fixed tissue that requires a micron range of apx.

Lorraine Gibbs
Physiology & Biophysics
University of Washington
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Subject: What are vibratome sections used for?

> Just wondering, I've seen vibratomes for years but never really understood
> what people are using them for. Anyone?
> Tim Morken
> CDC, Atlanta

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