Re: Tween 20

From:nina leek

Think of it as any other detergent (washing-up, laundry etc.), and that will be
all you need for safety precautions and disposal.
Adrian Leek.

Jon Kerr wrote:

> Hi everyone:
>         We are about to try using Tween 20 (polyoxyethylene sorbitan
> monolaurate) as a surfactant-soak for tissue which commonly displays
> wrinkles. The MSDS from SIGMA discloses no hazardous identification
> information, though they do mention first-aid measures for skin absorption,
> inhalation and the like. The first-aid warnings are pretty intense (wash for
> fifteen minutes with copious amounts of water if skin contact occurs). I
> know all MSDS warnings are similar in this regard, but I'd like to know what
> other labs' experience with this chemical is, and how you all work with the
> chemical. Further, what do you do to discard the chemical and its aqueous
> residue? Our local waste disposal facility isn't able to offer much help
> with this kind of chemical disposal (they have no experience with the
> chemical, and there are no local laws regarding it), so I'm just wondering
> what others are doing out there.
> Thanks for your help,
> Jon Kerr
> Utah

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