Re: Neutralisation of Picric acid

From:nina leek

It depends what you mean by "neutralised". Normal saline is unlikely to
neutralise anything, while 5% NaOH will neutralise the "acid" of picric acid.
The only way you will end up splattered against the walls is if you have a
large amount of picric acid that you dry thoroughly, and then hit hard with a
large hammer.
By "neutralise" do you mean "handle safely", ie. "neutralise it's explosive
potential"?  If so, just keep it damp in use.  If you have to make up
solutions of a particular concentration, do it by measuring the absorption to
get to where you want.
Good luck, and don't let your hands shake.
Adrian Leek.

Mike Kirby wrote:

> A question for the chemistry boffins...
> I have been informed that picric acid can be neutralised by the addition of
> either a salt solution (normal saline) or 5% Sodium Hydroxide.
> True, or am I liable to end up splattered against the walls of the lab?
> Mike Kirby.
> National Health Lab Service
> Johannesburg.

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