RE: TS106

From:"Klassen, Shannon SDH"

I'm actually just working on it - a research project on colon ca's - used to
help identify  5FU (chemotherapeutic drug) resistant colon ca's . Supposed
to have nuclear staining. My control is good but my patient's all have
cytoplasmic or no staining - of course my control block is from this year
but my patients are all retrospective so they are older. I would be
interested in replies to this also.
Shannon Klassen
IHC Tech
Saskatoon Health District
Saskatoon, Canada

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> Sent: 	Thursday, March 21, 2002 11:32 AM
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> Subject: 	TS106
> Hello:
> Is anyone out there familiar with Thymidylate Synthetase(TS106)?
> Hopefully I have spelled it close to correct.  Please let me know if you
> have any experience or knowledge of this antibody.  It is being
> requested for colon CA biopsies.
> Susan

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