RE: Stain for EMA embedded bone

From:Serena Leung

The specimens are embedded in ethylmethacrylate, not methylmethacryate.  I 
am not sure if the plastic can be removed with solvent or not. 
 Unfortunately all that I have to work with here as far as reference 
materials are old protocols and some really old books.

I have been acid etching the specimens only because it was in the H and E 
protocol here in the lab, but I think that way back when they must have 
gotten the protocol from a reliable source.  Also, I have talked to one 
other histologist who told me to etch the specimens.

Let me know what other info you need and I will tell you all that I can . 
 I appreciate your help!


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give us a little more info.  i assume you are using methylmethacrylate 
you have implants and you are grinding, but i don't know.  etching is 
done on GMA because it can not be removed.  can you remove the plastic with

Serena Leung wrote:

> Hi All!
> I am very new to the field of histology and need some help finding an
> appropriate stain for ethylmethacrylate embedded bone with a metal 
> The specimen we have is already embedded (unfotunately not very well, it
> has lots of bubbles) and ~ 3mm thick.  I have been hand grinding all of 
> practice specimens to less than 100 microns and acid etching them with 1%
> formic acid before staining.
> We would ideally like to be able to stain for fibrous tissue/granuloma 
> be able to see polyethylene particles under polarized light.  So far we
> have tried H and E, but only the bone stains and not the fibrous tissue.
>  Is this because the specimens are embedded or because the formic acid we
> have is really old?  Or some other reason?
> If anyone has any experience with plastic embedded bones, your help would
> be greatly appreciated.  Ideally we would like something simple and
> relatively inexpensive.  Thanks in advance!
> Serena Leung
> Anderson Orthopaedic Research Institute
> Alexandria, VA
> 703-619-4414

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