RE: Re: What are vibratome sections used for?

Can you really get decent EM from frozen sections embedded in plastic? What sort of cryoprotection do you do?


Paul Klosen  wrote:

>I for my part don't like the vibratome. Actually, I get criminal urges if
>someone (my boss ...) suggest I should use it. If I have to do
>pre-embedding EM I use well cryoprotected tissue frozen sections. They >work just as well, but are less bothersome to produce (1 frozen section = >one turn of the handle, 1 vibratome section = about 1 minute and lots of nerves)
>-) O
>Paul Klosen, PhD
>CNRS UMR 7518 Neurobiologie des Fonctions Rythmiques et Saisonnieres
>Universite Louis Pasteur  12, rue de l'Universite
>F-67000 Strasbourg, FRANCE
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