RE: Pneumatic tubing of surgical specimens

From:"Horn, Hazel V"

We do not use our tube specimens for our histology specimens.    Formalin is
not allowed in our tube system.   We have received the rare fresh specimen
through the tube and it was ok.     Our OR has runners that bring the
specimens to us.   The clinics deliver their own specimens.

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> Subject:	Pneumatic tubing of surgical specimens
> Hello again Histonetters,
> Is anyone using Pneumatic tube Systems for surgical specimens?  Are
> specimens in formalin being sent, or just fresh tissue? And does high
> velocity affect the tissues in any way?  We are trying to find a faster
> way
> of getting our specimens from the O.R. and since there is already an
> existing Tube system we are exploring the possiblity of using it for
> Histology specimens if possible.
> Any and all information, suggestions etc. is welcome and appreciated.
> Ruth Cazares
> Swedish Covenant Hospital
> Chicago, Illinois 

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