RE: Picric Acid Fixatives - Self-Test.

"Monson, Frederick C."  wrote:

>Purely Rhetorical questions.
>If you were asked to prepare a fixative that contained PICRIC ACID and any
>of the following, what would you do?
>    chromic acid
>    copper salts
>    iron salts
>    dichromates
>    mercuric salts
>    sulfuric acid
>    osmic acid
>    platinic acid
>    silver salts
>    nitric acid
>    ammonium salts
>    metal hydroxides (sodium hydroxide?)
>According to Gray's "Microtomist's Formulary and Guide", such were done by
>many histologists prior to publication in the 1950's.

I have made some of these; good for chromosomes.
Nothing nasty happened. 


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