RE: Multi-bladed scalpel

From:"Hawkins, Hal K."

Lipshaw, now Thermo Shandon (800-547-7429), has something
called a "multi-blade lab knife" that actually is a sturdy metal handle
set up to hold from 1 to 12 microtome knives separated by
approx. 1 mm spacers.  As a single knife, it is a convenient
way to cut large sections.  As a double, it can cut nice
sections from soft tissue. (order # 530) 

Hal Hawkins, Galvston, Texas

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From: Linda Jenkins []
Sent: Tuesday, March 19, 2002 1:19 PM
Subject: Multi-bladed scalpel

Does anyone know of a vendor who sells multi-bladed scalpels for mincing 
tissue in widths no greater than 1.0mm?  Or anything close?

Linda Jenkins
Clemson University

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