From:"Jacqueline D. Garfield"

Dear Ginny,

I previoiusly worked in a hospital EM lab where kidney biopsies (bx.) were
our routine work.  We served many outside hospitals.  If the hospital who is
sending us the bx., could get us the sample in less than 2 hours from
procurement, then we would ask them to carefully wrap the fresh tissue in
gauze saturated with saline.  Put the gauze in a specimen cup with a little
extra saline to keep it moist.  Then pack the specimen cup on ice to keep it
cold, and immediately drive it over.    
However, if you are more than 2 hours away from the EM lab, or if it will be
recieved after hours, then it would be best to request vials of fixative
from them.  This is actually the best way to prevent the tissue from drying
out and preserve the ultrastructure.

I hope this is helpful.
Good Luck,

Jackie Garfield
LifeCell Corporation
Branchburg, NJ 

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> We currently send out our kidney biopsies, but I am interested in
> collection
> methods, how long the specimen is viable, etc.  Any EM techs out there, I
> need some expert imput!
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