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One thing that I noticed on our Pathcentre is that if the molten
paraffin level is not high enough, the heaters will get very hot
(although we did get an alarm on our processer here at Baylor).  I was
told by the service engineers that the paraffin level was the problem
and since then we have not had any problems here at Baylor, although, I
did notice this on some of my tissues at another lab.  We have sent
examples to Shandon for their evaluation, I will let you know, if this
is resolved anytime soon.
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I've been having a real problem this last week or so with tissue coming
off my Shandon Pathcentre looking "burned," according to my pathologist.
What could cause such an artifact? I thought maybe it was a paraffin
temp problem, but there's been no record of the processor going outside
temp limits. Thought it may be insufficient de-paraffinization (still
hoping it's that). It doesn't happen to everything, and the weirdest
part is that one level from a biopsy showed the artifact while deeper
levels did not. 

Any help....please 


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