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From:Cynthia Favara

Just a thought, but the fact that the outer cuts of the biopsy look "burnt" suggest to me that the tissue is over dried. Possibly too long in the dehydrating reagent you are using. Is this problem with biopsies only or across varying tissue type and sizes?
Cynthia Favara
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Subject: Burned Tissue?

I've been having a real problem this last week or so with tissue coming off my Shandon Pathcentre looking "burned," according to my pathologist. What could cause such an artifact? I thought maybe it was a paraffin temp problem, but there's been no record of the processor going outside temp limits. Thought it may be insufficient de-paraffinization (still hoping it's that). It doesn't happen to everything, and the weirdest part is that one level from a biopsy showed the artifact while deeper levels did not.

Any help....please


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