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Dear pals: Our Pathology Group has worked on cattle, poultry and rabbits'
disease diagnosis for over 25 years. Our services were provided to
countrymen and professionals that needed to solve actual cases of sudden
death, respiratory, digestive, cutaneous, locomotive, reproductive and low
performance syndromes. Our work methodology consisted of going to the farm
or ranch, performing epidemiological-clinical examinations and sampling live
animals, carrying out necropsies of ad-hoc selected ones and getting samples
for histopathology and etiologic diagnosis. Of course we also received
animals for necropsy or tissue specimens in our Research Center. This
beautiful job allowed us to create an interesting collection of microscopic
sections and paraffin blocks which we are now interested in showing as
digital images through a new website. So we are interested in contacting
anyone who's interested in our project (The creation of a new website or
perhaps participating of an on-going one) maybe a University, a Research
Center, a private company, etc. Please help us contacting!

Thank you

Agustin Venzano
Veterinary Histopathologist
Group of Pathology, INTA Castelar, Argentina

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