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From:Louri Caldwell

Hi Agustin!

I'm so glad you've been able to subscribe.  I hope you find the list serv as 
helpful as I have.

Here at the University of Georgia a slide bank, called Noah's Arkive, is 
maintained for teaching purposes.  It may be found at  A description of it follows in case you may find 
it useful.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hope this helps,


NOAH'S ARKIVE is a way to share teaching materials. NOAH'S ARKIVE 
(originally named The International Veterinary Pathology Slide Bank) was 
conceived in the early 1980's as a repository of slides contributed by 
individuals and institutions around the world.  The slides are available for 
teaching purposes as duplicates.

More than 250 contributors around the world (13 countries at the moment) 
have sent 2x2 slides for technical and medical screening. Accepted slides 
are entered into a permanent slide bank from which duplicates can be made.  
Each slide is identified by contributor, institution, species, system, 
tissue or organ and diagnosis or key words.

All of this information is entered into a computer database and a cataloged 
for easy retrieval (CLICK HERE TO GO TO ON-LINE CATALOGS).  In 1986, the 3rd 
Edition was the first to become available on laser videodisk format.  Now in 
its 8th Edition, the slides are currently being digitized into images for 

The CLINICAL PATHOLOGY, RUMINANT, and WHEAL (Wildlife, Human, Exotic 
Animals, Avian, Laboratory Animal) SUBSETS ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON CD-ROM.  
Additional subsets are in development; however, there is no projected time 
frame for availability of all of the planned subsets. Ordering Information.

The 7th edition of the IVPSB laser videodisc included approximately 30,000 
still frame visuals of veterinary medicine (including normal breeds of 
animals, gross lesions, histopathology, normal histology, cytology and 
hematology, parasitology, poisonous plants, animals with/without clinical 
signs, schematics, radiographs, electron micrographs and techniques), 4,500 
still images from the English videodisc "U.K. Path I", 1,500 still images 
from the Atlantic Veterinary College Histopathology videodisc, and 70,000 
frames of real time motion sequences of clinical neurology in the dog and 
cat. The visuals were donated by over 250 contributors representing 13 
countries. We would welcome you as a contributor or as a user. This is a 
non-profit endeavor and thus all monies are utilized to perpetuate NOAH'S 


Noah's Arkive Menu | What is Noah's Arkive | Slide Contributions
CD-ROM Subsets | Laser Disk Edition
Ordering Information | Technical Support | FAQ | Catalogs

Coordinated by the Department of Pathology
College of Veterinary Medicine The University of Georgia Athens, GA 
30602-7388 USA
Phone: 706-542-5837 | FAX: 706-542-5828

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