New Histonet web site-check it out!


Dear Histonetters:
Great news!
In response to several requests for a website to post images, Charles Scouten, PhD, one of the Histonet subscribers, has arranged with a web-hosting company, to create a web site where we can post images.  Here's how the system will work:

If you have an image you wish to post, simply email it (as an attached  JPEG image) to along with the specific name you wish to assign it. The web hosting company, Hilty Moore and Associates,  will post the picture  filed under your assigned name.  It should be posted within 24 hours (my test photos went up in a couple of hours). When you send a message to the Histonet list you can include the name you assigned the picture and everyone can go to the website to view it. 

There is also a direct link from this website to the site where the Histonet archives are located. 

The site will be supported by a simple banner advertisement that is located at the very top of the page. Anyone interested in sponsoring this site can get info from the website.

I am excited about this venture and hope it will be a useful addition to the Histonet. Thanks to Charles for putting this all together.  The website is now up and running . Go check it out!
Linda M
Histonet administrator

PS: I've been so busy doing my "real job", I failed to announce  the 5th anniversary of Histonet in January.  We are still going strong with >1600 subscribers from around the globe. Thanks to everyone for your continued enthusiastic participation.

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