HT regs and lab staffing-

Hi all-
thanks for the responses on the Hacker Clinicut.  Dorothy at Hacker responded, too, and we are on our way to a fix.

Next question:  I know we are all pushing for registered techs to be required to staff a path lab, but I have a friend who's tech left (reasons unknown to me) and he has two bright, motivated people who can do the work and hopefully meet the grandfather clause to take the test soon.  He wanted some sort of proof that he's not breaking any regulations by not having a registered tech on staff for routine and immuno work.  I know Florida had rules and language that require registry but I can't find any document that says the rest of the states don't require this.  I'm in Colorado, my friend is in Cortez.  

I've had no information on any known procedure to do immunofluorescence on paraffin when the fresh frozen sample hasn't any diagnostic material.  Anyone have anything or know someone to ask??

The alcohol question--some people a range of dilutions from 70 through 100 and rotate the solutions instead of changing all the stationsto fresh soln. when changing to provide a slower gradient that is much more gentle, especially to smaller tissues.  Anatech makes a dehydrant (as do other companies), Prosoft, which might be of use.

I get a lot of great info from here--thanks!!!

Cheryl Kerry
Centura Health

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