Gaffney's one hour giemsa

From:"Johnston, Kathy"

We routinely use Gaffney's one hour giemsa (ref. AFIP laboratory methods in
histotechnology) for our Helicobacter.  In the last few months our staining
has been getting progressively worse and unpredictable.  Some days it works
ok, others we have to repeat 2 or 3 times to get an "ok" result.  I do not
like to get just ok results!  Just call me stubborn.

Does anyone else do this particular methodology?  

We have tried  out every possible factor in the equation other than getting
new dyes, which I am still waiting to receive.

Does anyone have any further ideas which we may not have though of?
Love to hear your input!


Kathy Johnston
Tech II - Special Stains
Anatomic Pathology - Foothills Medical Center
Calgary Laboratory Services
Ph - 403-670-4760
Fax - 403-270-4093

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