Frozen Section Sllides

From:Cynthia Stone

I'm testing some different ways to prepare unstainned frozen section slides
to be sent out.  I've tried putting them in a slide box inside a bitran bag
and  leaving them in the -80 freezer for a couple of days to pretend they
were in transit.  Then I removed the slides and  fixed one in acetone and it
stained fine.  Clear, sharp stain.  One fixed in Rapid Fix didn't stain very
sharp.  Could it be some moisture on the slide or is it more difficult to
dissolve the OCT on the slide the longer the slides are stored before
stainning?  Is any one fixative better to use?  Acetone may be a little more
forgiving when  it comes to moisture, but what about some type of alcohol?
How do other send and fix unstainned frozen slides for H&E , immuno's, and
In Situ ?  Thanks  for any suggestions, Cindy Stone.

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