Wildlife Histology??

From:Amos Brooks (by way of Histonet)

    Hi,     I seem to remember someone mentioning  histology on wildlife. A
researcher here has a son who is interested in the  laboratory but really
has a "Call of the wild" bug. He really wants to work with  wildlife. I
said the two don't usually go together unless he was interested in
vetrinary histology or pathology in a situation where he was responsible
for  acquiring the specimens too. The researcher became very interested but
I didn't  have much more information to give him so I was hoping someone
here could  elaborate. If you have worked in this or know someone who has
I'd like to hear  about it and I'll pass on the info. (Or look into it my
self if it sounds like I  might want to do instead, hehe) Thanks a bunch,
Amos Brooks

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