Re: terminology question


a lot of our words should have a German root...
wasn't German the official International Scientific Language before English?
patsy ruegg

"Nader, Alexander" wrote:

> >
> > diener was used to refer to someone who helps assist with the
> > dead, it is
> > derived from the German and literally means slave. Some
> > prefer not to use it
> > today. Politically correct and all that. we call our guy (who
> > is wonderful)
> > our Morgue Attendant.                                  Dana
> Wrong translation! The German word "Diener" means servant, not slave (German
> "Sklave"), so there's no political incorrectness at all to use this word.
> BTW: recently I came across another German word in CDM Fletcher's book:
> "zellballen". I'm wondering how many other German words are used by
> pathologists or histologists.
> Alex Nader

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