Re: terminology question

Was sort of waiting for a native German speaker - Alex Nader - to reply:

>>Wrong translation! The German word "Diener" means servant, not slave (German
"Sklave"), so there's no political incorrectness at all to use this word.<<

Oddly, the word "Diener" is thought to be politically incorrect in the USA, 
and was not considered proper usage even in the 1960's. In my residency we 
commonly used it as a transitive verb ("Did he diener the head on that 
case?"), truly mind-boggling German. "Autopsy assistant" is a very neutral 
word for the job.

"Diener" always puts me in mind of the fraternity initiate's reply in the old 
drinking song (it's one of the tunes in Brahms's Academic Festival Overture) 
"Was kommt dort aus der Hh":
Ihr Diener meine Herrn [repeat]
Ihr Diener meine hochzuverehrenden Herrn
a a hochzuverehrenden Herrn
ihr Diener meine Herrn!

Other German words in pathology: will reply this evening!

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville, Tennessee USA

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