Re: seeking to purchase a new tissue processor

From:Vicki Gauch (by way of Histonet)

 We are in the process of demo'ing units right now. We have the Shandon,
the Sakura VIP and the Leica far I can tell you we are NOT buying
the Shandon..what a mess !!!!   We have done parallel processing of same
tissues on all three and the Leica and VIP are comparable....Please feel
free to contact me if you have any other questions on what we have seen..

 Good Luck
Albany Medical Center
Albany NY

>>>  03/05/02 06:00PM >>>
Hello sales reps and histonetters,

Our lab is looking into purchasing a new (not used) tissue processor. I would
like any reps out there to contact me. We are looking at all brands that can
hold 300 or more blocks. We are a veterinary pathology lab located in the
northeast. Please contact me so I may pass on your information (including
price ranges) to my manager.
Also, anyone who has recently purchased a new processor (within the past
year) please feel free to contact me personally and let me know of your
experiences. Thanks.

Ron Martin, B.Sc.,HTL/HT (ASCP)

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