Re: seeking to purchase a new tissue processor

From:Carrie Kyle-Byrne (by way of Histonet)

definitely a VIP5....we are in the process of buying one now.....will have
it in about 2wks.  i'd stay away from the new Leica for a couple of reasons.
one....ALL replacement parts (like o-ring and cap seals) and servicing parts
must be shipped from Germany (they will not stock ANY parts in the US).
two.....according to their service manual, the pump in it must be serviced
every 3-6mo (depending on usage).....this seems absolutely ridiculous to me!
lastly, the darn things are way backordered.....another dept. in our company
has ordered one and they can't get it until the end of April at the
the new Shandon Pathcentre is another one to look at but i don't know enough
about it to make a recommendation.
i'll stay with the incredibly reliable, very easy to get parts (one the rare
occassion that you need them) Sakura, thanks.
good luck with whichever machine you buy....

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Sent: Tuesday, March 05, 2002 3:00 PM
Subject: seeking to purchase a new tissue processor

> Hello sales reps and histonetters,
> Our lab is looking into purchasing a new (not used) tissue processor. I
> like any reps out there to contact me. We are looking at all brands that
> hold 300 or more blocks. We are a veterinary pathology lab located in the
> northeast. Please contact me so I may pass on your information (including
> price ranges) to my manager.
> Also, anyone who has recently purchased a new processor (within the past
> year) please feel free to contact me personally and let me know of your
> experiences. Thanks.
> Ron Martin, B.Sc.,HTL/HT (ASCP)

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