Re: immuno on mouse tissue

From:Geoff McAuliffe

Several companies make "mouse on mouse" kits, Vector is one of them. I
suspect that DAKO and ZYmed also have such products. In my relatively
limited experience, how much background you willl get without a mouse on
mouse kit will depend on fixation (immersion or perfusion) and how the
tissue is processed (frozens versus paraffin).
Good luck!

Cathy Gorrie wrote:

> For all the immunohistologists out there.
> This is a pretty general question about immunohistology on mouse
> tissue. When using monoclonal antibodies, what special measures need
> to be taken, or what secondaries need to be used, in order to get
> specific staining. I can imagine if you use an anti-mouse secondary
> everything in the tissue will be targeted, or at least a lot of
> background from serum proteins, immuno cells etc.
> or
> Can you not use monoclonals on mouse tissue? I have always used other
> species of animal, or human and this has never been a problem before.
> or
> Is this not as big a problem as I imagine it could be?
> Thanks for your help,
> Cath
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