Re: bone marrow decalcification

Hi Jan,

I agree that  it is possible to get a very good result from microwave 
decalcification.   However my point was that you will not improve 
your results through microwave procedures, you will only speed 
them up.   On the contrary ,  we do know that cooling a decalicifier 
will improve the results.  

Best Regards, 

Cliff Berger
Decal Corp

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From: Jan Minshew 
Date: Monday, March 4, 2002 2:20 pm
Subject: Re: bone marrow decalcification

> Hi Cliff,
> I'm afraid I must beg to differ.  I have seen beautiful sections of 
> specimens that were decalcified using microwave accelerated 
> techniques and EDTA, formic acid solutions and others as well.  
> EDTA is indeed slower but it can be greatly accelerated in a 
> Laboratory Microwave using controlled temperatures and 
> times.  If time allows, its gentle action will produce specimens 
> with uncompromised morphology and antigenicity, even at the 
> ultrastructure level.  There is an excellent chapter in Microwave 
> Techniques and Protocols (ISBN 0-89603-903-X) that details the 
> procedure.  Organic and inorganic acids can also be used with 
> excellent results.  The key is being able to control the 
> environment of the specimen during the procedure.
> Jan Minshew
> Histology Consulting Services, Inc.

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