Re: bone marrow decalcification

From:Jan Minshew

Hi Cliff,
I'm afraid I must beg to differ.  I have seen beautiful sections of specimens that were decalcified using microwave accelerated techniques and EDTA, formic acid solutions and others as well.  EDTA is indeed slower but it can be greatly accelerated in a Laboratory Microwave using controlled temperatures and exposure times.  If time allows, its gentle action will produce specimens with uncompromised morphology and antigenicity, even at the ultrastructure level.  There is an excellent chapter in Microwave Techniques and Protocols (ISBN 0-89603-903-X) that details the EDTA procedure.  Organic and inorganic acids can also be used with excellent results.  The key is being able to control the environment of the specimen during the procedure.
Jan Minshew
Histology Consulting Services, Inc.

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