Re: Ventana Tissue Processor

First off I do not want to offend any vendors so ALL VENDORS ARE GREAT!  We
have the RMC 1530 (Ventana took this model over), and there have been a few
software glitches, mainly with the delay.  I also recall that we did have
problems with our temperatures as well.  I think that the block temp was
different that some other temp like a heater temp or something.  Anyway our
problem was that it ended up being too cold.  Currently we are having some
probs with the pump, so no doubt we might have a problem like you did with
a chewy center and a chocolatey outside.

                    "Vickroy, Jim"                                                  
                    03/08/02 07:19       Subject:     Ventana Tissue Processor      

Lately we have experienced something that I have not seen in 27 yrs of
histology experience.

We have a Ventana tissue processor (1 year old).  It has had numerous
software updates.  The other day we experienced a nightmare.  Our tissue
came out with a cooked appearance.  There were no alarms that went off and
run report says no problems.
The tissue was barely salvageable but was very hard and when looking at it
under the scope appeared cooked.  I have discovered that another Ventana
user has had the same problem only their instrument has been doing this
three days in a row.  We have eliminated reagent problems, etc.  Has anyone
else experienced these problems with the Ventana Processor.

Before this occurrence the instrument ran fine except occasionally there
some blocks that had fluid in the center of them instead of paraffin.   The
company is looking at other possible reasons and I want to see if anyone is
having the same problem.


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