Re: The Nerve!

yes do give us free trikets, some more than others. i am not certain any of us is allowed to accept mopney from a vendor. i find that suggestion insulting.
vendors give us these little toys in the hope that we will spend thousands of dollars on their products, not and i repeat, not to be nice to us.  
the questions isn't are vendors helpful, generaly reliable, and friendly. they are. the question is, did this vendor have the right to contact someone employer requarding a comment he made. i'll plead gulity to not having read it. i usually delete half of everything on this listserver without reading it. he still should not have called his employer no matter what was said unless it was unprofessional. i can be fired for unrofessional conduct either on or off the job. i doubt it was unprofessional. 
no vendors are not all bad. most are very helpful.
just remember they are not doing this because they like us. they are doing it for the money. 
ok that was my ranting for the month.
please note, i don't put a signature at the bottom. anyone care to guess why.

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