Re: Struck a Nerve

From:Marsha R Price

 I also am outraged by this sort of behavior by a vendor.

Marsha Price

On Tue, 05 Mar 2002 06:44:04 -0600 Margaret Gondo
> Mark & Joe -
> Thank you so much for posting your experiences.  To say I'm outraged
> that vendors would stoop to this level is an understatement.  I'm
> sending this on to the Histonet so that ALL the vendors out there
> lurking in the dark will KNOW how I feel about this matter.  I'm 
> sure
> I'm not alone.  This topic has come up before on this forum and the 
> best
> response I saw was basically 'go ahead and sue me, 'cause on a
> histotech's salary, I ain't got nothing anyway'.  
> Margaret Gondo

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